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What kind of top would you like? Pick your colour and the shape of your neckline, tweak the length of your sleeves and pick the length of your top – we’ll make it for you exactly as you ordered.

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Size S M L XL
Breasts - curvy 88 96 104 112
Breasts - curvier 96 104 112 120
Waist 70 78 86 94
Hips 98 106 114 122
Length 58 60 62 64
Extended length 68 70 72 74
All sizes are in cm

Dream Top

We are creating a collection exactly the way you want. You decide what your new favourite top will look like to make it flattering to your shape. We created a cut for the Dream Top that is snug around the waistline and still has enough space for your breasts. Pick your colour, the neckline shape, the length of the body and the sleeves, and a complementary colour.

When you are happy with your design, we will make your top exactly like that. We offer precisely the kind of tops we want to wear ourselves. Flattering, with a perfect fit, sewn from a lovely knit fabric made of viscose and elastane, making it last for a long time.

All of our Dream Tops are fair. We sew them in Prague, the heart of Europe, with materials from Italy, produced in the eco-friendliest way possible. We also make a point of recycling.

Jana & Caresse, nice to meet you

We don’t know exactly who came up with the idea to let every customer design her own top, just the way she wants it, to fit her perfectly, but from the word go, we were excited by the idea. It’s not just the colour choice, but mostly the room around your chest and a close fitting waist!

Jana designs beautiful models, and the girls from Caresse are breast experts. They just know how to dress them. We’ve known each other for a long time and we like shopping at each other’s. So, we shook hands and the Dream Top was born. The basic idea is a cut that fits over the chest and sits tight around your waist. You just pick a colour to go with it, the shape of the neckline, the length of the sleeves and the length of the body, so your top will be exactly the way you want it. We will make it precisely your way. It will fit your chest perfectly and it will be snug around your waist. It will create a gorgeous silhouette and you will feel great in it, all the time.


About Jana

I started designing under my own label in 2009, right after design college, a six-month internship in Istanbul and a year-long professional stay with designer Elles de Koe.

The basis for each of my models is excellent material, a flawless cut and perfect sewing. This is the only way for me to create models my customers love to wear, simply an intimate world of personal luxury. I mostly design tops, dresses, sweaters and skirts, which you can find on my website


About Caresse

We want our bras to perfectly support the breasts, we want nothing to stick out of anywhere, we want comfort and confidence. For the last four years, we have been helping our customers in our bra-fitting shops in Prague and Brno to choose their ideal size and cut. We are happy that our customers keep coming back and that they are happy with our pleasant atmosphere and personal approach.

You can find details and read about our customers’ experiences at


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